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Alternative approaches on established traditions

We believe anyone can partake in enjoying the rhythmic and energetic customs surrounded by Irish Culture!

Students are taught traditional movements and music through a contemporary fusion of innovative drills for physical development and enriching educational history of the sport.

We are founded on the premise that Irish Dance is not limited in what it has to offer the student.

With our innovative spin on the ordinary and our love for the sport. We can create a unique experience and unlimited opportunities.

Seven Hills Irish Dance

Seven Hills Irish Dance

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Embracing the existing ways the sport is used to:

 -Celebrate heritage

 -Make new & lasting friendships

 -Provide competitive outlets

 -Increase physical agility

We also acknowledge that we can use this as an opportunity to:

 -Inspire creativity

 -Grow self-confidence

 -Equal Development of both sides of the brain

 -Provide safe and family friendly Dance opportunities

Passion and love overflow. Our love for the sport and community is made evident through the inclusion of all students, individualizing their journey through dance to carry into life outside the studio.

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